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Online Photo Registration now available!

Order forms will be available at Photo Day, but now you can skip that manual process and order directly on our secure site.

Please click the link below to be taken to their secure Online Photo Registration system.

Inside you'll find detailed instructions for how to use this simple and easy to navigate application.



Picture Day 2017 Schedule

Following is the schedule for RDSA Picture Day on Saturday, October 21st, at DPAC.  All players should wear their full uniform:

Picture Time Division T-shirt Color Team Name SP #
9:00 AM 3/4 Boys Orange Revolution 1
9:00 AM 3/4 Boys Red Red Bulls 2
9:00 AM 3/4 Boys Royal Blue Wizards 3
9:00 AM 3/4 Boys Lemon Yellow Galaxy 4
9:20 AM 3/4 Boys Green Lightning 5
9:20 AM 5/6 Boys Kelly Green Fire 6
9:20 AM       7
9:20 AM 5/6 Boys Lime Green Red Bulls 8
9:40 AM 5/6 Girls Navy Blue Power 9
9:40 AM       10
9:40 AM 3/4 Girls Breakers Teal 11
9:40 AM 3/4 Girls Lightning Turquoise 12
10:00 AM 7/8 Boys Orange Fire 13
10:00 AM 7/8 Boys Lemon Yellow Galaxy 14
10:00 AM 7/8 Boys Royal Blue Wizards 15
10:00 AM 7/8 Boys Red Red Bulls 16
10:30 AM 2nd Grade Light Blue Cougars 17
10:30 AM 2nd Grade Kelly Green Mustangs 18
10:30 AM 2nd Grade Orange Rowdies 19
10:30 AM 2nd Grade Red Red Bulls 20
10:50 AM 2nd Grade Royal Blue Sting 21
10:50 AM 2nd Grade Lemon Yellow Galaxy 22
10:50 AM 7/8 Girls Fuschia Courage 23
10:50 AM 7/8 Girls Light Blue Charge 24
11:10 AM 5/6 Boys Royal Blue Wizards 25
11:10 AM 5/6 Boys Silver Galaxy 26
11:10 AM 5/6 Boys Navy Blue Thunder 27
11:10 AM 5/6 Boys Orange Revolution 28
11:30 AM Kindergarten Teal Bobcats 29
11:30 AM Kindergarten Burgundy Cheetahs 30
11:30 AM Kindergarten Light Blue Jaguars 31
11:30 AM 5/6 Girls White Courage 32
11:50 AM 7/8 Girls Teal Power 33
11:50 AM 5/6 Girls Teal Lightning 34
11:50 AM 3/4 Girls Burgundy Power  35
11:50 AM 3/4 Girls White Charge 36
12:10 PM 1st Grade Teal Typhoons 37
12:10 PM 1st Grade Burgundy Strikers 38
12:10 PM 1st Grade Light Blue Toros 39
12:10 PM 1st Grade Green Earthquakes 40
12:30 PM 1st Grade Orange Stars 41
12:30 PM 1st Grade Red Hurricanes 42
12:30 PM 1st Grade Royal Blue Aztecs 43
12:30 PM 1st Grade Lemon Yellow Blizzard 44
12:50 PM 1st Grade Turquoise Vortex 45
12:50 PM 1st Grade White Tsunami 46
12:50 PM       47
12:50 PM       48
1:10 PM Kindergarten Green Leopards 49
1:10 PM Kindergarten Orange Lions 50
1:10 PM Kindergarten Red Tigers 51
1:10 PM Kindergarten Blue Pumas 52
1:30 PM Kindergarten Lemon Yellow Lynx 53
1:30 PM Kindergarten Turquoise Ocelot 54
1:30 PM Kindergarten White Sabretooth 55


This Web site is designed for the players, parents, coaches, refs, and volunteers of RDSA.






Schedules for RDSA 2017 Rec Fall Season

Starts September 7 (K-2 start September 9) 
through November 5
(No Games on September 21-22 and October 8-9)
Saturdays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (at DPAC in Oradell)

First Grade
Saturdays 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM (at DPAC in Oradell)
Second Grade
Saturdays 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (at DPAC in Oradell)
3/4 Grade Girls
Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and/or Saturday Mornings (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start 
3/4 Grade Boys
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, and/or Sunday Afternoons (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start
5/6 Grade Girls
Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and/or Saturday Mornings (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start
5/6 Grade Boys
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, and/or Sunday Afternoons (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start
7/8 Grade Girls
Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and/or Saturday Mornings (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start
7/8 Grade Boys
Tuesdays and Thursday Evenings, and/or Sunday Afternoons (possible Fri evening)
Specific Schedule to be posted closer to season start



All coaches must complete the following requirements prior to the Fall Season. 

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must satisfy 3 requirements in order to coach a team: (1) successful completion of the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. course (; (2) fingerprinting/background check (see link to instruction page at right); (3) concussion/head injury recognition through the online program offered by the CDC (see below); and (4) safety training for the use of the AED equipment now located at each playing field available online (see link at right for more information).
As a volunteer coach who has an interest in sport safety, you are probably well aware of the recent news regarding concussions in sports.  New laws have made it mandatory for schools as well as towns to provide their coaches and athletes with educational information as well as concussion plans that are to be put in place for the player’s safety.
In response to state laws and the requirements for the use of facilities, a Concussion and other Head Injury Policy has been established which requires all volunteer coaches to be trained in the prevention and treatment of sports-related concussions and other head injuries among student athletes.  This requirement may be satisfied by completing a program called Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports – the online concussion training for coaches through the Center for Disease Control at and, upon completion, submitting the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports certificate of completion to the RDSA President by e-mail (, or by US Mail addressed to RDSA, P.O. Box 251, River Edge, NJ 07661.  The certificates must be submitted to the River Edge Recreation Commission before the start of the season.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!


AGC Soccer Summer Camp - River Edge
AGC Soccer is back again this summer with another great soccer camp in River Edge. The camp will again utilize professional coaches from Italy who have certified UEFA Coaching Licenses and coaching certifications from the prestigious Coverciano School of Coaching in Florence, Italy.
The camp is offered to Girls and Boys from ages 8 to age 15 and the camp is scheduled for July 24, 2017 to July 28, 2017 at the Middle School Field in River Edge, N.J. The camp will run from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Follow the link on the right side of this page for the camp flyer for information.
Registration can be done by using this link: For more details or contact Mark Gioffre or Fabio Principalli with any questions:
Mark Gioffre
Fabio Principalli

River Dell Soccer Association is a member of U.S. YOUTH SOCCER

We support the organization’s following messages...

  • FITNESS: The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.
  • FRIENDSHIP: The relationships and fun generated through playing soccer and their extension beyond the field.
  • FAMILY: Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
  • FUN: Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.


Check out these amazing goals...


 New Jersey Law requires "children who wear eyeglasses to wear protective eyewear while participating in certain sports activities (soccer)." 


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